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not a fan. bible study

Victory Biker Church – Wednesday Night Bible Study (Invite Friends)
(Not A Fan – Series) for 7 Weeks starting March 4, 2020 7pm to 8:30pm. (We hope this will be Inspirational and Insightful for All Adult Believers)
Not A Fan – (Feature Length Movie) will be shown on the 1st night.
6–Episode Study Videos and Discussions will follow on 2nd – 7th Nights.
What is NOT A FAN?
Well honestly, it’s a number of things.  On the most basic level, it’s a 6-episode, video-driven small group bible study, centered around the calling of every Christian to truly follow Jesus Christ.  But beyond that…It’s an opportunity, a time where you can be open to what Christ would have to say about your thoughts, feelings, and the motivations of your heart.  It’s a challenge, a call to look at your relationship with Jesus with fresh eyes, and see whether it’s really everything that it could be.
It’s a journey, one that will deepen your relationship with Jesus while deepening your relationships with the members of your small group.  And it’s a movement, a gathering force of Christ followers who have truly given themselves over to following Jesus, who are leading lives of radical love and service in his name.  (Copyright 2016 City on a Hill Studio, LLC excerpted from page 5 of not a fan – Leader’s Guide)
Not a Fan Journal
The Journal is not just a participant’s guide. It is a thought-provoking 42-day devotional guide designed as a companion to the Not a Fan Small Group Study. It challenges and grows participants on a daily basis over the course of the 6-week video series.
The journal experience is more personal and will challenge you to take a deeper look at your relationship with Jesus. That’s why we strongly encourage every group member to have their own Follower’s Journal and be challenged to try the exercises suggested. This resource will have a dramatic impact on those who commit to working through it on a daily basis.  (excerpted from
If you desire to purchase for $10 a (Not a Fan – Journal) we will have a group signup sheet on Movie Night – March 4th.  Or you can order individually online. 

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