When thinking about planting VBC churches our desire is to help develop healthy 5 Fold Church Leaders (Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors, and Teachers) who accept a calling to produce healthy and successful Church plants in the Biker community across the State, throughout the Nation, and the world, Churches that will introduce people to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, provide effective discipleship where those individuals can grow and mature in their faith; the results of which produces a body of believers with significant influence and impact in their community for the Kingdom of God.

When it comes to Victory Biker Church, we really believe it is a move of God – calling all men to Himself through Jesus Christ. In order to accomplish the original vision of starting the first VBC in an old barn that we’ve converted into our ‘clubhouse’. God brought together many partners: Ministry groups, churches, biker ministries, and individuals. All contributing to the success of the original church plant. In order to carry that original model church all across the country, we have incorporated the same partnership principles as first used. As we’re a Non-Denominational church we have been developing a network of partners with local churches of like faith, surrounding Christian motorcycle ministries, involvement in the MCOC (Michigan Confederation of Clubs), NCOM (National Coalition of Motorcyclists), Christian Unity and individuals who share in the passion and carry the burden of reaching and discipling bikers by planting multiple VBC churches where ever God provides and opens the door.

Each Victory Biker Church within the network will be a self-governing church body that is able to make decisions and act on them as a free and independent moral agent; existing, reacting, or developing as an independent, self-regulating organism; acting as an independent group; while at the same time serving as a representative, or ambassador.  Representing and supporting the Vision, Mission, and Core Values of Victory Biker Church and the model it has produced.

Our Church Planting Process

There is a Process which must take place before a Victory Biker Church is launched in any location. Our goal at VBC is to honor and glorify God by leading in the planting of healthy Biker Churches across the country which will reach out to non-church-going motorcyclists of all kinds with the true Gospel of Jesus Christ by first living it ourselves and using words when necessary.

A healthy church plant begins with a healthy church planter and a solid leadership team.  As you check us out, remember that Victory Biker Church is a family and brotherhood. This ministry represents a place of belonging for those who come. We have worked hard to create a church culture that is not religious but built on the relationship that God created through Jesus Christ and is relevant to the motorcycle community. Victory Biker Churches across the country represents, and in many ways, are the keepers of this culture, and the heart and soul of a unique base of men, women, and families everywhere with two common loves that bring them together… a passion for a real relationship with God, and Riding Victoriously.

For more information about the process of starting a Victory Biker Church International, or to learn more about this ministry give us a call at 810-271-0002, or email us at info@victorybikerchurch.org