Do you already have a biker church but are struggling with no support, no accountability and need help? Victory Biker Church International are here to help fulfill the call!!

Victory Biker Church is a non-denominational church of bikers for bikers. It’s a church but is run more like a bike club then a traditional church.

In 2006 Apostle Brian “BMAN” McKay, Founder/National President was called by God, to be a biker pastor and to start Victory Biker Church which he did January 2010 which is seeing exceptional growth and is ready to reproduce. Fulfilling his further calling to plant Victory Biker Churches across the country and around the world – As God leads and opens the doors.

The vision basically is, wherever there is a biker community there is to be a Victory Biker Church. For instance – Victory Biker Church of Daytona Beach, Victory Biker Church of LA, Victory Biker Church of Sioux Falls, Victory Biker Church of Phoenix and so on…  Catchin’ the vision?

There’s so much more to talk about so if this has spoken to you… contact Apostle BMAN!

We’ll supply you with –

  • Oversight
  • Church Startup Guidance
  • Specific Bylaws for the new Victory Biker Church
  • Articles of Incorporation
  • Demographic information for you area
  • Licensing and Ordination
  • Training and Mentorship for Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors and Teachers
  • Accountability
  • Victory Biker Church back patch – Membership is required
  • Help with location specific T-shirt Designs
  • Advertising/Marketing help and designs
  • Website Design and setup

For more information please contact Apostle Brian “BMAN” McKay directly email